Principal's Message

As I begin to pen these few words for our Annual Magazine, I feel great pleasure in writing for this fourteenth issue of our College Magazine. It also happes to be the 25th year of our college in existence. I am grateful to Almighty for his calling for time to serve this institution throughout this new assignment. I am thankful to our Manager Dr. Rizwan Haider Sb. for putting his trust in me and giving me the responsibility to head this prestigious institution.

l am very proud to have joined a school that has achieved rolling success in many events one which presents o blend of conventional and modern education.

I would like to insist on four important points, firstly have profound faith in almighty, secondly - believe in yourself, thirdly set a goal for yourself and finally work hard to reach your goal.

I urge students to set goals that commands their thoughts, liberate their energy and inspire their hopes. Maintain a champions mind-set by reading uplifting books, associating with excellent people and making time each day to renew themselves.

My journey with this institution is a challenging one, and at the same time filled with sweet and everlasting memories. The smiling faces and the innocence of the students fills me with hope to do better. The commitment of the staff members towards their duties gave me strength. Timely appreciation and cooperation of the parents and guardians put me in proper motivation and encouragement.

Academic analysts says that the future generation are going to be more prone to violence
and deviant behaviour. Deteriorating trend in the present scenario is of great concern to parents and teachers. We are quite aware about the situation through media reports of incidence of violent outbrust, depression and violence used in social media.

Learning is not the process limited to the schools, colleges and universities . It is indeed a
lifelong process. It is further categorised by sharing vision, responsibility, love and faith in God in order to achieve the goals. We believe that along with classroom teaching; co-curricular activities play a significant role in all-round development of students. These activities helps in enhancing learning process, therefore, keeping this in mind we provide platform to our students in the from of various events to show case their talent. Many events were organised during the year but the highlight was the Islamic Historical Models Exhibition in which our students shared their skills. It was a good effort by the students which was appreciated by all and the winners were awarded cash prizes by one of our sponsor Hon'ble Mr. Hussain Yaar Khan (L.A.). We highly appreciate this act of encouragement to the concerned students.

School is a temple of learning and in Unity Public School & College, we are making our best efforts to give quality education to our students. Inspite of many limitations we are proud to impart education to the deprived and weaker sections of the society through sponsorship and many students get free education through TMT Lucknow. We will always be grateful to the sponsors and TMT Lucknow for this great job in providing quality education to the deprived.

It is only after leaving school that one really appreciate the feeling of having belong to the school every student gain some thing from school so he/she gives something in return may be good or bad. See that what you give to school is worth giving, work hard, give your best and do nothing which will harm your school's or parent's goodwill.

I am confident enough that education shared between, dedicated teacher, motivated students and sincere parents with great expectation, shall make themselves stronger day by day adding a new leaf to the success of the school.

Mrs. Zehra Sayeed